MIT Press: Non- Happy Email

When you think of MIT, you picture the world’s leading institution in science and technology, right? So do I.

I boGuthaid (WTF iPad spell checker! I’m trying to spell bought here); I bought Regina Lee Blaszczyk’s The Color Revolution from MIT Press. Since it was an eBook, I had to download their App after enduring numerous delays of filling in personal information. To rub salt in  the bleeding wound, this app took about 15 minutes to download the book. Granted, there are probably old guy Nazis out there who just wanna say I’m a pussy- bitch whiner, but still, c’mon, MIT? Preeminent institution with a global reputation for academic excellence in technological advancement? Get yo shit together.

Here’s the email I sent and the reply.

Le awesome moi: Your website is crappy for buying books. Here’s why: 1. Ridiculously amount of times to enter personal information. 2. Super slow eBook download 3. Not thrilled by having to download MIT app, which takes 10-15 mins to download a goddamn book. 4. Never got an email to reset my password; now, I can’t log in.  ( I was a wee bit nerd raging)

Le non-bot:

Well that was rude way to put that…

We are working to improve our eBook platform and know it’s not ideal… I also didn’t build it nor do I even run the eBook site, so being impolite to me is not the most constructive way to criticize the system.

I am sorry it caused such fervor in you and I at least hope you enjoy the book.

Takeaway Moral: If you email MIT Press, they will return your email. The End.


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