Bailing On Your Professor: the Shame and Guilt Spiral

Ugh, I can just kick myself today. You know, trying to get on the good side of professor involves going to office hours. Unfortunately, for this student who not only sucks at life, but also does things ass backwards, I made good intentions turn into a great big pile of dung heap. So get this. Trying to be a good student and all, decided to be super interested in what we were reading and maybe even, say, discuss it with my professor.

Well, since his hours were during another class of min, I thought to myself, ” hmmm, maybe I can show initiative and just email him to set up an appointment, which turned out to be on a Friday, the next day. That Friday morning I woke up to beautiful, grey rain showers and some thunder. As the day wore on, hell, even that morning, I did not want to go walk to his office, so I devised a master plan to get myself out of my commitment. I emailed him the following:

Hey Professor! I’m sorry I can’t make it to our meeting today because I’m stuck underground in the metro. blah blah blah.


I received the following message : 

Gee, I wish I got this earlier before I got onto campus.


It was at that moment upon reading said line that my stomach sank to my feet, and all I could think about was how awful I was, a real winner in the scum department. My professor was kind enough to go out of his way to get to campus so he could talk with me and answer my questions, and I made the wrong choice to bail at the last second. Geeze, sometimes I just wish there were magical adult pants with which I could automatically make wise decisions. Now, I have to live with the pain of shame, guilt, and embarrassment of not only inconveniencing somebody, but also of being a liar. 

Kill me and throw me in a ditch.

hashtag FML.

Well, at least children in Africa won’t die over it…


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